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Spot UV – A Brief Guide

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Selective varnish is an advanced technology that enables you to apply varnish to specific surface elements with precision, resulting in a distinctive appearance and protection. This guide will cover various aspects of selective varnishing, such as its applications, types of varnishes, and practical tips for applying it. Please continue reading to learn more.

Various applications of selective varnish in the industry

The application of selective varnish is found in many industrial sectors, both in printing and the production of various items. Here are a few examples:

  1. Printing: Business cards, catalogs, packaging, and posters can be adorned with selective varnishing to stand out from the competition and give them an exclusive look.

  2. Electronics: Selective varnishing is used in the production of casings for electronic devices such as TVs, monitors, or smartphones to give them a unique appearance and enhance their visual appeal.

  3. Industrial Automation: In the automotive industry, selective varnish is used to coat interior components of vehicles, such as dashboards and door panels, allowing for various visual and protective effects.

  4. Furniture: Selective varnishing is applied in furniture production to give them a unique appearance, enhance durability, and resistance to damage.

Selective varnish in these industrial sectors allows for highlighting specific elements, giving them uniqueness, and protecting them from damage and environmental factors. It is an effective way to stand out in the market and attract customer attention.

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Various applications of selective varnish in the industry

The advantages of UV selective varnish stem from the unique properties of UV varnish and its curing technology. Here are some of them:

  1. Rapid Curing: UV varnish cures almost instantly under ultraviolet radiation, significantly reducing production time and allowing for faster order fulfillment.

  2. Durability and Resistance: UV selective varnish enhances the durability and resistance to damage, such as scratches and abrasion, leading to a longer product lifespan.

  3. High-Quality Finish: UV varnishing allows for an exceptionally smooth and glossy finish that stands out compared to other varnishing techniques.

  4. Visual Effects: With UV selective varnish, various visual effects can be achieved, including gloss, matte, or texture, enabling the creation of unique designs.

Matte vs Gloss

Varnishing is a popular technique used to enhance the visual appeal of printed materials. There are two types of varnishes: Glossy and Matte. While glossy varnish imparts a shiny, deep surface, matte varnish creates a uniform, non-reflective surface.

Both types of varnishes can be selectively applied to various materials, including business cards, flyers, posters, and catalogs. Elements coated with selective varnishes, such as spot UV business cards or varnished cards, stand out and gain more attention than other printed materials.

Creative Approaches For Utilizing Spot UV

Embossed varnishing, also known as 3D varnish, is a technique that precisely applies varnish to specific, small areas of a surface. This technique allows for the creation of an embossed effect that enhances graphic elements, making them more pronounced and visually appealing. Spot varnishing is especially popular in the printing industry where it is commonly used to improve the appearance of business cards, packaging, and posters.

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Spot UV business card. See in our store.

The use of spot UV can achieve various effects, such as embossing, creating unique patterns and textures on the surface, and highlighting specific design details. By applying spot varnish to selected graphic elements, designers can make them raised and more pronounced, adding depth and originality to the design.

Innovative varnishing techniques include scented varnish, which involves applying varnish with scented substances to a surface. After using scented varnish, the surface gains an attractive appearance and a pleasant fragrance released through friction or heat.


Selective varnishing is a technique involving the precise application of varnish to specific surface areas, allowing for the creation of unique visual effects.

Selective varnishes include digital, glossy, matte, and UV varnish, each with different printing, packaging, and advertising applications.

Practical design tips for UV-varnished business cards can be found on product subpages containing this enhancement. Below is a list of available business cards with selective varnish:

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