Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

I. General Provisions
  • Regulations - these regulations Service - the internet service "Business Card Studio", operating at the address
  • Service Provider - the company "Pracownia Znaku Michal Stencel" with its registered office at ul. Zaglebiowska 37, 52-007 Wroclaw, Poland; VAT UE: PL 8992602805
  • Service Recipient - any natural person accessing the Service and using the services provided through the Service by the Service Provider
  • Electronic Communication - Communication between the parties via electronic mail (e-mail).
II. General Terms
  1. The Regulations specify the rules of operation and use of the Service and define the scope of rights and obligations of Service Recipients and Service Providers related to the use of the Service.
  2. The subject of the services provided by the Service Provider is the provision of free tools in the form of the Service, allowing Service Recipients access to content in the form of entries, articles, audiovisual materials, or web applications and electronic forms.
  3. Any possible content, articles, and information containing features of guidelines or advice published in the Service are only a general collection of information and are not directed at individual Service Recipients. The Service Provider is not responsible for their use by Service Recipients.
  4. The Service Recipient takes full responsibility for the way the materials provided within the Service are used, including their use in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. The Service Provider does not provide any warranty as to the suitability of the materials placed on the Service.
  5. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damages incurred by Service Recipients of the Service or third parties in connection with the use of the Service.
  6. All risks associated with the use of the Service, especially with the use and utilization of information placed on the Service, are borne by the Service Recipient using the services of the Service.
III. Terms of Use of the Service
  1. The Service's use by each Service Recipient is free and voluntary. Service Recipients are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Regulations and other documents constituting its integral part and must accept its provisions in full in order to continue using the Service.
  2. Service Recipients are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Regulations and other documents constituting its integral part and must accept its provisions in full in order to continue using the Service.
  3. Service Recipients cannot use any personal data obtained on the Service for marketing purposes.
  4. Technical requirements for using the Service:
    • a device with a display enabling the display of websites,
    • internet connection,
    • any internet browser that displays websites in accordance with the standards and provisions of the W3C Consortium and supports websites available in HTML5,
    • enabled JavaScript script support,
    • enabled Cookie file support
  5. In order to ensure the security of the Service Provider, Service Recipients, and other Service Recipients using the Service, all Service Recipients using the Service should adhere to generally accepted network security principles.
  6. Actions performed personally by Service Recipients or using software are prohibited:
    • without written consent, decompilation, and analysis of source code,
    • without written consent, causing excessive server load of the Service,
    • without written consent, attempting to detect vulnerabilities in the security of the Service and server configuration,
    • taking attempts to upload or inject code, scripts, and software into the server and database that may damage the software of the Service, other Service Recipients, or the Service Provider,
    • taking attempts to upload or inject code, scripts, and software into the server and database that can track or steal data of Service Recipients or the Service Provider,
    • taking any actions aimed at damaging, blocking the operation of the Service, or preventing the achievement of the purpose for which the Service operates.
  • In case of detecting the occurrence or potential occurrence of a Cybersecurity incident or a breach of the GDPR, Service Recipients should first report this fact to the Service Provider in order to quickly remove the problem/threat and secure the interests of all Service Recipients of the Service.
IV. Terms and Conditions of Registration
  1. Service Recipients can use the Service without the need for registration.
  2. Service Recipients must be registered and have an account in the Service to use additional services provided in the Service, available only to Service Recipients after logging in.
  3. Registration in the Service is voluntary.
  4. Registration in the Service is free of charge.
  5. Each Service Recipient may have only one account in the Service.
  6. Technical requirements related to account registration:
    • having an individual e-mail account
  7. Service Recipients registering in the Service consent to the processing of their personal data by the Service Provider to the extent to which they were entered into the Service during the registration process and their subsequent changes or deletion.
  8. The Service Provider has the right to suspend or delete Service Recipient accounts at its own discretion, thereby preventing or limiting access to individual or all services, content, materials, and resources of the Service, especially if the Service Recipient violates the Regulations, generally applicable legal provisions, rules of social coexistence, or acts to the detriment of the Service Provider or other Service Recipients, the legitimate interests of the Service Provider, and third parties cooperating or not cooperating with the Service Provider.
  9. All Service offerings may be changed in terms of their content and scope, added or removed, and access to them may be temporarily suspended or restricted, at the discretion of the Service Provider, without the possibility of objection in this respect by Service Recipients.
  10. Additional security rules regarding the use of the account:
    • keep the access password to their account secret and not to share it with third parties,
    • immediately report to the Service Provider any breach of the security of their account, especially the unauthorized access to it by third parties,
    • log out of the Service by clicking the "Logout" button located on the Service,
    • provide up-to-date and true data in the registration form,
    • maintain up-to-date data in the registration form.
  11. The Service Provider may at any time delete or suspend access to the account of a Service Recipient, who has not confirmed the correctness of their data, in particular, the e-mail address provided during registration, to which the Service Provider will send a request for verification of these data.
  12. Service Recipients are obliged to store all information necessary for logging into the Service, especially the login and password, in a safe place, preventing access to this data by third parties.
  13. In the event of the loss of data necessary for logging into the Service, Service Recipients should contact the Service Provider as soon as possible via the contact form or by e-mail to the following address:
  14. Service Recipients may not make their account or the opportunity to use it available to third parties without the prior written consent of the Service Provider.
V. Terms of Newsletter Service
  1. Service recipients may use the Service without the need to subscribe to the Newsletter.

  2. Subscribing to the Newsletter service is voluntary.

  3. Subscribing to the Newsletter service is free of charge.

  4. Technical requirements related to the Newsletter service:

    • Having an individual email account.
  5. Terms of providing the Newsletter service:

    • Providing an individual email account in the electronic form.
    • Verification of the provided email account by activating the link sent to it.
    • Expressing consent to receive email notifications.
  6. Scope of the Newsletter service:

    • Notifying about new updates, posts, contests, and other promotional activities related to the Service.
    • Notifying about promotional activities of Service partners (Marketing Messages).
  7. Unsubscribing from the Newsletter service:

    • Every Service recipient subscribed to the Newsletter service has the possibility to unsubscribe from the Service independently.
    • Service recipients can do this through the link included in each email message sent.
    • Unsubscribing from the Newsletter service results in the removal of the provided email address from the Service provider's database.
VI. Terms of Communication and Provision of Other Services in the Service
  1. The Service provides contact information in the form of:
    - Email address,
    - Contact phone number
  2. In the event of Service recipients contacting the Service provider, the personal data of Service recipients will be processed in accordance with the "Privacy Policy," which constitutes an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.
VII. Collection of Data About the Service Recipients

In order to provide services through the Service correctly, secure the legal interests of the Service Provider, and ensure compliance with applicable law, the Service Provider collects and processes certain data about Users through the Service.

For the proper provision of services, the Service uses and stores certain anonymous information about the Service Recipient in cookies files.

The scope, purposes, methods, and rules of data processing are available in the attachments to the Regulations: "GDPR Information Obligation" and "Privacy Policy," which constitute an integral part of the Regulations.

  1. Automatically collected data: To ensure the smooth operation of the Service and for statistical purposes, we automatically collect certain data about the Service Recipient, including:
  • IP address
  • Browser type
  • Screen resolution
  • Approximate location
  • Pages visited on the website
  • Time spent on specific pages of the website
  • Operating system type
  • Referring page address
  • Referring website address
  • Browser language
  • Internet connection speed
  • Internet service provider Anonymous demographic data based on Google Analytics:
  • Gender
  • Age

2. Interests Anonymous data necessary for serving advertisements:

  • Data related to remarketing
  • Data related to reporting on displayed advertisements The above data is obtained through the Google Analytics script and is anonymous. Data collected during registration:
  • Username, first name and last name, email address

For Service Recipients who are logged in (have an account on the Service), an identifier linked to the Service Recipient's account may be placed in cookies files stored on the Service Recipient's device.

3. Data collected when subscribing to the newsletter:

  • Email address
VIII. Placing Orders
  1. Placing an order through the service implies acceptance of this regulation.
  2. Orders can be placed exclusively through the online store at or via email.
  3. Placing an order obliges the customer to make payment.
  4. Interrupting or canceling all prepaid orders made through the online store is impossible.
  5. For orders that are not prepaid (pro-forma invoice) and canceled without providing a reason, the Ordering Party commits to pay 50% of the order value for the costs incurred in preparation for execution.
  6. Failure to make the payment within 7 working days from the payment date indicated on the proforma invoice is considered a cancellation of the order."
IX. Correspondence
  1. Maintaining clear correspondence expedites the execution of placed orders and helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  2. All correspondence related to an order should be conducted from a single email address.
  3. We do not accept responsibility for delays and errors resulting from ambiguous correspondence.
  4. We consider only written correspondence (email) as binding.
  5. We do not record telephone conversations; therefore, all information provided by this means is for reference purposes only.
X. Design
  1. The deadline for the completion of a graphic project, ordered via email correspondence, depends on the workload of our graphic studio and is determined individually.
  2. The deadline for completing a graphic project ordered through the online store is approximate. It depends on the time of receiving all necessary materials and information from the Client required for project preparation.
  3. We send projects for approval solely via email.
  4. Any corrections to the submitted projects should be sent to us exclusively via email.
  5. We do not make project corrections over the phone. All suggestions are accepted via email only.
  6. The Client is responsible for thoroughly checking the substantive correctness of the project. After project approval, complaints regarding typographical errors, phone number errors, name variations, etc., will not be considered.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel the execution of a project without providing a reason.
  8. We reserve the right to display photos of completed projects on our websites (e.g.,,,, as well as on our social media channels, for marketing purposes. If the Client does not wish to grant consent for the publication of their project or would like to remove any contact data visible on business cards (e.g., email address, phone number, etc.) from being published in the mentioned places, please contact us at before placing an order.
  9. The project's cost, including print preparation, depends on the selected pricing package or is determined individually by the client.
  10. We do not transfer copyright to the client or provide open files. These may be available for an additional fee or in one of the available store packages.
XI. Order execution
  1. We do not accept responsibility in situations where a graphic file received from the client contains errors that are reproduced in the print.
  2. The final print colors and finishes may differ from those selected by the client due to differences in the types of inks used and monitor calibration.
  3. The colors on the edges of cotton paper are produced with different ink than the printed elements on the surface. Therefore, the shades of colors on the edges will never be the same as the shades of colors printed on the surface.
  4. In the case of letterpress business cards, the color saturation of individual items may vary within the entire print run. This is related to the artisanal nature of letterpress printing and is considered a natural part of letterpress printing. This phenomenon is not considered a technological defect and is not subject to complaints.
  5. Small shifts related to allowable tolerance in cutting items are permissible. Therefore, we recommend using a safe margin and avoiding borders.
  6. In the case of embossed items on certain materials, artifacts caused by paper compression due to pressure may occur. This is a natural phenomenon that mainly occurs in the case of letterpress printing on dark backgrounds.
XII. Payments
  1. All payments must be settled in advance before order fulfillment begins.
  2. Available payment methods can be selected during the order placement process through the online store.
  3. The payment method for orders placed via email is bank transfer.
  4. Transfers should be made to the account number provided on the pro-forma invoice.
  5. The transfer title must include the pro forma number generated by our system.
  6. We do not assume responsibility for any delays resulting from incorrect specification of the transfer title or incorrect amount.
  7. Unless the client expresses a different preference, we typically send electronic VAT invoices to the client's provided email address.
XIII. Order Fulfillment Period
  1. Fulfillment periods are provided in business days and are determined individually for each order during email correspondence or are provided as approximate on the product page in the online store.
  2. A business day refers to any day except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and other legally recognized non-working days.
  3. The order fulfillment period is calculated from the next business day following the client's acceptance of the correct files, completion of the order form, and the receipt of payment in our bank account.
  4. We reserve the right for the fulfillment time to extend beyond the estimated period and are not responsible for any extensions due to reasons beyond our control.
  5. Confirmation of file approval for printing is sent electronically to the client's provided email address.
  6. The typical fulfillment period for letterpress business cards is approximately 16 business days from the date of payment.
  7. The fulfillment period does not include the delivery time to the Buyer for the completed order.
XIV. Delivery
  1. We pack shipments in dedicated individual and bulk packaging, ensuring that the goods reach the Client undamaged.
  2. Shipments are carried out through courier companies such as GLS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, DPD, Pocztex, and InPost.
  3. The cost of shipping is determined individually during the order placement.
  4. All discounts and offers (e.g., free shipping) apply to single shipments up to 30kg within Poland. Other packages or large orders split into several shipments are not eligible for the discount.
  5. Requests for anonymous shipping (without our information on the waybill) must be made no later than when placing each order for which this service is required.
  6. Delivery of the shipment is scheduled within 1-3 business days from the date of handover to the courier company.
  7. We are not responsible for damages to packages resulting from mishandling by the courier company. In case of receiving a damaged shipment, please make a damage protocol with the courier and inform us about the situation.
  8. We reserve the right to charge the Ordering Party for storage or redirection costs in the event of non-delivery of the package on the expected delivery date.
  9. For shipments sent outside the European Union, additional customs fees may apply, which will be borne by the recipient.
XV. Complaints
  1. Complaints arising from evident fault of the store, regarding print quality or discrepancies in the type or quantity of received goods, will be resolved in favor of the Client.
  2. Complaint reports are accepted solely via email.
  3. Complaints can be filed within 7 business days from the date of receiving the goods. Any complaints filed after this period will not be considered.
  4. Complaints will be reviewed within 48 hours from the moment the complaint is received.
  5. If the Client does not respond in writing (via email) to the response regarding the complaint within 7 business days, the complaint will be rejected.
  6. When submitting a complaint, please provide the pro forma number, VAT invoice number, or order number.
  7. Justified complaints will be considered only if the entire batch of the complained-about order is returned at the expense of the Ordering Party.
  8. Complaints related to color deviations in print and applied enhancements will not be considered.
  9. In order for a complaint regarding color deviations to be accepted, the Client must provide a color sample in the form of a test print before ordering production.
  10. We do not guarantee 100% color consistency or identical appearance of products between repeat orders placed at different times.
  11. Complaints regarding visual consistency between repeat orders will not be considered.
  12. We do not accept complaints regarding the specifics of specific printing techniques (e.g., uneven pressure, ink deficiencies, color differences, artifacts, and embossing shifts, overflows, etc.), including those resulting from the Client's lack of knowledge. Regarding specific nuances of individual technologies, please inquire before starting each production by contacting us at
  13. We do not accept complaints regarding damage and contamination resulting from improper product storage (e.g., in pockets, wallets, humid areas, etc.), as well as those related to the die-cutting of products (dust from the guillotine, dust, etc.).
  14. In disputed matters regarding the interpretation of submitted correspondence, the rules of Polish language spelling, grammar, and punctuation apply.
  15. We are not liable for any losses resulting from untimely order fulfillment, although we make every effort to avoid such situations.
  16. We do not assume legal liability for the content and form of materials delivered for printing, including infringement of copyrights and other rights of third parties.
  17. We are not responsible for the shortening or lengthening of the order fulfillment time if it occurs for reasons beyond our control.
XVI. Right of Withdrawal from the Agreement
  1. The right of withdrawal from the agreement does not apply to the Client in cases specified in Article 10(3) of the Polish Law as defined in Article 10(1) above, i.e., with regard to services commenced, with the Client's consent, before the withdrawal period expires, and services that, due to their nature, cannot be returned.
  2. The right of withdrawal from an agreement concluded outside the business premises or at a distance does not apply to the consumer in relation to agreements in which the subject of performance is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or serving to satisfy their individualized needs.
  3. The right of withdrawal from an agreement concluded outside the business premises or at a distance does not apply to the consumer in relation to agreements for the supply of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium if the performance of the service has begun with the clear consent of the consumer before the withdrawal period has expired and after the consumer has been informed by the entrepreneur about the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement.
XVII. Prawa autorskie
  1. The owner of the Service and the copyrights to the Service is the Service Provider.
  2. Some of the data posted on the Service are protected by copyrights owned by companies, institutions, and third parties unrelated in any way to the Service Provider, and they are used based on obtained licenses or those available under a free license.
  3. In accordance with the Act of February 4, 1994, on Copyright and Related Rights, it is prohibited to use, copy, reproduce in any form, and store in search systems, with the exception of Google, Bing, Yahoo, NetSprint, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, and LinkedIn search engines, any articles, descriptions, photos, and any other content, graphic materials, videos, or audio found on the Service without the written consent or consent provided through Electronic Communication of their legal owner.
  4. In accordance with the Act of February 4, 1994, on Copyright and Related Rights, simple press information, understood as the information itself without the author's commentary and assessment, is not subject to protection. The author understands this as the possibility of using information from texts posted on the service, but not copying the entirety or parts of articles unless it is marked in the specific material made available on the Service.
XVIII. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
  1. All provisions of the Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally changed by the Service Provider at any time without providing reasons.
  2. Information about changes to the Terms and Conditions will be sent electronically to Service Recipients registered on the Service.
  3. In the event of changes to the Terms and Conditions, its provisions enter into force immediately after its publication for Service Recipients who do not have an account on the Service.
  4. In the event of changes to the Terms and Conditions, its provisions enter into force with a 7-day transition period for Service Recipients who have accounts on the Service registered before the change of the Terms and Conditions.
  5. It is considered that each Service Recipient, continuing to use the Service after a change in the Terms and Conditions, accepts it in its entirety.
XIX. Final Provisions
  1. The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that the services of the Service are offered continuously. However, the Service Provider shall not be liable for disruptions caused by force majeure or unauthorized interference by Service Recipients, third parties, or the activities of external automated programs.
  2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change any information placed on the Service at a time chosen by the Service Provider, without the need to notify Service Recipients using the services of the Service in advance.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily, completely, or partially disable the Service for the purpose of its improvement, adding services, or performing maintenance, without prior notice to Service Recipients.
  4. The Service Provider reserves the right to permanently disable the Service without prior notice to Service Recipients.
  5. The Service Provider reserves the right to assign in whole or in part all of its rights and obligations related to the Service without the consent and the possibility of raising any objections by Service Recipients.
  6. The current and previous versions of the Service Regulations can be found on this subpage under the current Regulations.
  7. For all matters related to the operation of the Service, please contact the Service Provider by sending a message to the email address:
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